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pick the number of A's you want cool, by me.

dotrb Lightning Talk Friday Octobre 18th 2013

Who's talking?

Hello my name is Ori Pekelman. I am OriPekelman everywhere (twitter/github/linked-in).

My blog is on

I am an independent software architect and I made myself a nice logo.


While researching this presentation I thought it would be cool of me to get some code going on.

This is an idea but in the Open Source world, talk is cheap and code is gold.


So I thought, well my MVP just needs some image generation to make a nice badge Ebay Badge01

I kind of know Rails. So this should be easy peasy. Google please tell me what to do.

What happens next is the subject of this lighting talk.

So first let's thank Mark Evans for maintaining DragonFly ! QQiMz

Thank you Mark !

Screen Shot 2013 10 17 At 23.36.51

Thank you Mark !

Thank you Mark !

Now, let's acknowledge we have a problem here. Jill Greenberg Crying Photoshopped Babies End Times 17

We spend too much time worrying whether the stuff we use is or will be maintained. Child Sad

We look for clues on hithub, how many active forks, how many open issues. Are pull requests being merged? We look at the Travis badge, at the CodeClimate one. Sometimes we LazyTweet. Sometimes we ask on StackExchange. Child Sad

And some times we decide not use something, just out of fear. 12 Ridiculous Products Babies PHOTOS

But perhaps more importantly, we put undue, undeserved and unhelpful pressure on maintainers. When they don't react as fast as we want them to. Original


Adoption Agency for Abandoned Repos

Johnny Depp Pirate Au Grand Coeur Article Landscape Pm V8



11 Put a badge on a github page saying if the repo is maintained or not. Use real metrics coming from github API (code climate / travis style). This should not take MORE work from the maintainer.



If there is a maintained fork and the original fork is no longer active give a link to the maintained fork (original maintainer just checks a box). Screen Shot 2011 09 30 At 2.55.35 PM 300x226



Help maintainers be better ones, with less pressure. Give them feedback. Allow maintainers to suggest they want someone to take over, accompany and ease the transition. Pressure Gauge



Funny Squirrel Napping

Poneys, Squirrels, Pirates, Babies and very cute cats.


This is basically around creating a "foundation style" governenship model for smaller projects, but without the hassle and the politics. Foundation2

Put it in a box, as a service, lightweight, fun, only around decision making and transparency, not the discussions, they will happen somewhere else. Man Peeking Out Of Moving Box

Make it into a place where we can thank maintainers. Even for those oft forgotten "small" projects Thank You

Forks (real ones) and Merges (real ones) are an important thing. It is time we had again clear semantics on this: this is a fork, that is going to be maintained as such. Might get merged back, or not. Merge Sign

Going AAAR is taking a pledge either to maintain or to do whatever is possible to help others maintain a project. Pledge

Post Scriptum

I never really did get to writing the code

Spent too much time researching what I should be using

This is close enough to still-maintained? btw is that one still-maintained? Maybe should be merged?

I abandon this projet to you.

Cute Baby